Birmingham & North Wales Flagon Beer Co. Ltd

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Reportedly internal door in the Old Swan pub in Atherstone. Courtesy Eric Randell

Birmingham & North Wales Flagon Beer Co. Ltd, Nechells Brewery, 30 Thimble Mill Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Originally Alfred Hood & Sons until their bankruptcy following the Birmingham Breweries Ltd. merge in 1904.

Registered as above in December 1904 to supply the domestic trade.

Voluntary liquidation 23rd August 1905.

From the Brewery History Society Newsletter Number 58

Situated behind the New Inns. Founded by James Sandiford in 1875. In 1887 bought by Alfred Hood & Sons, who established offices and stores in Albert Street and Moor Street. By 1890 they had 13 tied houses in the area. In 1892 at Thimble Mill Lane, but closed 1905 after being taken over by Holt Brewery Co. Ltd.

However, trade directories show:

1877 Alfred Hood, Holborn Hill, Nechells 1884-87 342 Nechells Park Road

Which suggests the acquisition may have been three years earlier.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 271,333
Description : Nogalf (word)
Date of Application : 22/03/1905
Used Prior to 1875? : NO