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An advert from 1874
Birks Sheffield letter head No 2.jpg

W H Birks & Co, Lady's Bridge Brewery, 9 Bridge Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Founded by Edward Nanson 1791 and sold to Birks in 1858.

Acquired by Duncan Gilmour & Co. Ltd. 1900 who were hop bitters brewers. Transferred here from Furnival Brewery.

Acquired with 342 houses by Joshua Tetley & Son Ltd in 1954 and brewing ceased in 1959.

List of W. H. Birks & Co. pubs

Interesting Fact

Samuel Plimsoll, of Plimsoll Line fame, was born in 1824 in Bristol. Later he became a clerk and then manager of Birks Brewery, before moving to London in 1854.

He died 1898.