Bent's Brewery Co. Ltd

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Liverpool letterhead 1951
The Liverpool Brewery in the 1960s
An advert from the 1950s
The former Falcon Hotel, Stone

Bent's Brewery Co. Ltd, New Brewery, 30 Johnson Street, Liverpool City Centre, Merseyside.


Bent's Brewery Co. Ltd, Mount Street, Stone,Staffordshire (see Montgomery & Co)

Richard Bent was brewing in Scotland Road by 1810. He moved to the above address in about 1840.

Registered in July 1889 to acquire R Bent & Co and Montgomery & Co’s Brewery, Stone.

Acquired by Bass Charrington 1967 with 514 public houses.

Brewing ceased March 1975.

List of Bent's Brewery Co Ltd pubs

An assortment of images of the breweries

A former pub in Wrexham still records Bent's name: