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Benjamin T Yates, 17/19 High Street, Quinton, West Midlands.

Recorded in 1910.

John Yates brewed at the New Inn and also listed in Beech Lane for 1877-95. According to local history website, “the Yates family used premises on the corner of 17/19 High Street and Bissell Street as a home brewery. Indeed, the name of Cheshires Quinton Brewery, still appears in feint lettering on the side wall in High Street.

Mike Brown writes:-

In 1908 Benjamin was a beer retailer, listed as brewer 1910, presumably in the building shown at the rear.

Born in 1875 he may have been the brother of John Yates.

In 1851 Benjamin Yates, aged 72, was a farm labourer in Lower Quinton. In 1857 with Benjamin jun near the Toll Gate. Another son William, married to Sarah, prosecuted for flour and coal scales in 1872, was also running the New Inn, Ridgacre Lane. In 1868, their son John Yates (b1832 in Hagley) was at the Old Crown, Moor Street, with wife Harriett.

In 1872 John was presumably the individual prosecuted as a coal seller in Moor Street. John may have been at the Boat in Moor Street around 1864.

In 1877 John Yates mentioned as involved with a beer house in Beech Lane, noting that the brewing plant of the Red Lion in Beech Lane had been for sale 23rd March 1868, when held by Emma Cheshire.

The Old Crown Inn was located in Moor Street, a name given to a small cluster of cottages and farms between Lapal and Woodgate. The Old Crown Inn was demolished in the mid-1970s and replaced with a modern building of little architectural distinction.

In June 1877 John took the New Inn licence from the execs of William Yates, whilst his daughter Hannah then ran the Crown. By 1884 Hannah had married Thomas Green, who was listed as brewing at the Crown in 1892 and is thought to have continued until 1923.

Around 1912 Moor Street became Woodgate Lane and Old Crown Close is now housing.

On 28th July 1892 John applied to build the ‘Quinton Inn’ on Hagley Road and transfer the licence of the New Inn. In 1896 shown as retailing Lower Quinton Road, the year before he was listed as a brewer in Beech Lane. Presumably the John Yates who died in 1914. The New Inn was later held by Cheshire's Brewery Ltd and the former pub site was for sale 12th June 1941 as a building estate. The licence was transferred to the Kings Highway, which opened in 1940.

However, in July 1891 Samuel Yates was landlord of the New Inns, 483 Ridgacre Road, the site now of Ridgacre Cottage.