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Bath Ales opened its brand new brewery at Warmley near Bristol in 2018. Head Brewer at parent St Austell Roger Ryman tells us that the new brewery is based around a fully automated four vessel brewhouse from Musk Engineering. Musk has been principal contractors for the brewing and process side of the project, with Krones supplying the glass packaging line.

BSPS supplied two 40 tonne malt silos and all the conveyor work either side of the Alan Ruddock AR2000 four roller dry mill. Treatment of Bristol town liquor is via a Envirogen RO plant to cold liquor tank. Bristol water is high in temporary hardness (alkalinity 176 mg/L, total hardness 320 mg/L).

The four vessel brewhouse includes a mash conversion vessel, lauter tun, kettle with external wort boiler and a whirlpool. In addition there is a "Hop Infusion Vessel" for post boil infusion of whole hops en route to wort heat exchanger. The wort cast out volume is 90 hL. For fermentation, conditioning and processing there are 12 x 180 hL cylindro-conical dual purpose vessels, designed and specified by Musk but constructed by HML Nosewicz based at Warminski in Poland. Yeast cropping is controlled with two Aber meters from a pair of 20 hL yeast storage vessels and one of them is duelled as a propagator. The DPVs are top pressured with N2 gas from Parker Dominick-Hunter air separator. All vessels are hard piped and auto routed using Alfa Laval valve blocks and swing bend so there are no flexible hoses.

Beers are filtered through a Pentair flux-4 crossflow unit and diluted with deaerated liquor from Mini-aldox equipment from Alfa Laval.

On the Packaging side there is a Kosme 7,000 bph (on 500 mL) glass filling line with Krones Sensomatic electronic filling valves. The M+F 25 keg/hour keg washer/racker was recovered from the old brewery. Also resited was the Gimson 120 piece per hour cask washer, originally sold to Bath Ales by St Austell in 2011! Filling is via Microdat 120 cask per hour twin head cask racker and there are four bright beer tanks and two cask racking tanks again recovered from the old brewery.

A boiler from Fulton supplies 3000kg of steam an hour while air compressors are from Atlas-Copco.