Bass Brewing (Alton)

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Bass Brewing (Alton), Manor Park Brewery, Alton, Hampshire.

This large Harp Lager brewery was established by the Harp Consortium in 1961. The Consortium consisted of Guinness in partnership with Courage Barclays, Mitchells & Butlers, and Scottish & Newcastle. It first brewed in December 1962.

In September 1979, Bass Charrington Ltd acquired the brewery and the adjacent Alton Brewery Co site. The brands brewed were predominantly Carling and Tennents. Following the government's 'beer orders', Bass sold the brewery to Coors in December 2001.

Molson-Coors closed the brewery in May 2015.

An assortment of views of the brewery. Courtesy Geoff Dye

An assortment of views of the brewery