Banks's Brewery (Wolverhampton)

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Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Ltd., New Brewery, Wolverhampton. Brewers’ Journal 15th December 1898
Letterhead 1966
Banks's Old Ale
Courtesy of Roy Denison
Courtesy Roy Denison

Banks's Brewery, Park Brewery, Bath Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Banks's was a firm of 19th century malsters who started brewing in 1874 at Newbridge. They established the Park Brewery in Wolverhampton in 1875.

In May 1890 they merged with C C Smith, Fox Brewery, Wolverhampton; and George Thompson & Sons, Dudley & Victoria Breweries, Dudley, with a total of 193 public houses to form Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Ltd.

Wolverhampton became the principal brewery. A new 60-quarter brewery, designed by architect Arthur Kinder, was built in 1898 on the Park Brewery site.

For subsequent development of the group, see: Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Ltd.

Banks's Maltings at Langley:

Various views of the brewery:

The brewery in 1992:

The brewery in 1995:

The brewery in September 2010: