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E Amos & Son, Sun Inn Brewery, 30/32 Upper Railway Street, Braintree, Essex.

Recorded in 1894.

Acquired by the Notting Hill Brewery Co Ltd. 1907 and ceased brewing.

Now restaurant.

From ESSEX BREWERS - The Malting and Hop Industries of the County by Ian P Peaty 1992 now out of print ISBN 978 1 873966 02 4

This concern was first listed in 1889, but by 1892 it had changed its trading name to George Amos, The Sun Inn Brewery. Three years later another name change took place when it was known as Sidney Hodges Amos, Sun Inn Brewery. On 24th April, 1907, the brewery was sold at auction at The Horn Hotel, Braintree, when it was noted that the business had been in the hands of the family for over sixty years. The brewing plant was of 4 1/2 quarter capacity, with the average barrelage over the previous three years given as 1,300 barrels per annum, with an additional 39 barrels per annum of the other brewer's products sold. Spirits amounted to 660 gallons per annum, 139 gallons of cider and 940 dozen of minerals. The purchaser was the Notting Hill Brewery Co Ltd, of 125 Clarendon Road, Notting Hill, who paid £4,250.

1907 was the last year of listing as a brewery. The Sun was situated at the corner of Manor Street with Upper Railway Street, the premises consisting of the public house at the front corner with a garden. The brewery was a detached building to the rear boundary with the left end of a small stable, which was adjacent to long stables forming the boundary to enclose a "U" shaped yard. These stables backing onto the window manufacturer's premises of Crittall Manufacturing Co Ltd.