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Messrs. Courage & Co. Ltd., New Brewery at Alton, Hants. Brewers’ Journal 15th July 1904
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Courage Alton 1910 1955.jpg

Alton Brewery Co, Turk Street, Alton, Hampshire.

Founded before 1841. Henry Hall listed 1847 to 1885, then Gerald & Edward Hall 1891 to 1899.

Acquired by Courage & Co. Ltd. February 1903 with 77 tied houses. Courage required the brewery for the production of pale ale, previously brewed for them by Flower & Sons Ltd (1872-86) and by Fremlins Ltd (1886-1903).

Brewing ceased here in September 1979 when the Courage (Worton Grange) brewery opened. The Alton premises continued to be used for canning, bottling and kegging.

List of Alton Brewery Co pubs

An assortment of views of the brewery. Courtesy Mike Tighe