Aire Brewery

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Aire Brewery, Riverside, Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire.

Was owned by John Greaves until 1887. Acquired by Carter’s of Knottingley in 1902 with 1 house.

Pat Aldabella and Robert Barnard write:-

James Hodgson, born in 1779, was a brewer and maltster c.1826. James was still a brewer in 1841, by the riverside.

The partnership of Hodgson and Simpson ran the brewery c.1851 - c.1859. In 1851 John Simpson was a brewer and maltster, by the river. John was born in 1821 in Drax, his wife, Ellen, was born in 1816. His father-in-law, James Hodgson, was also a brewer and maltster in 1851.

John Greaves Schofield & Co. were the last occupants of the brewery c.1859 - c.1877; they named it the Aire Brewery. The brewery was by the river, to the left of Bell Lane and it appears on the 1907 OS map.