A History of Young & Rawley Ltd

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  • 1865/69+ Diplock, Caleb & son
  • 1873/81+ Diplock, Son & Pepler
  • 1885/90 Young & Rawley
  • 1890/1914 Young & Rawley Ltd.
  • 1914 Bankrupt, taken over by Abbey & Sons of Brighton


  • 1858/62 (Diplock, Caleb –wholesale W & Spt & Beer Merchs.)
  • 1866/70 Diplock, Caleb & Son -brewer & maltster “Lion Brewery” Pevensey Road, office at 27, Terminus Road.
  • 1874/82 Diplock, Son & Pepler, do.
  • 1886/1913 Young & Rawley, -brewers, malthouse at west end of Langley Road,
  • 1918 no trace.


None recorded ?!


Brewery at 2, Pevensey Road, became Southdown Bus Depot, now partially obscured by modern shops that face onto the road.

Malthouses are now the “Old Malthouse Snooker & Leisure Centre” to the rear of the brewery site in Langley Road.


Own of Bry 24.6.81 and 30.10.98, malthouse 1.4.89.

N.B. E.S.R.O. has a photo album, ref. AMS 6563/1


1881 Census

Caleb Diplock father aged 62, Southdown Hall, Hailsham Caleb Diblock son, aged 38 unmarried, brewer and wine merchant


In 1887 Branch offices were at Carlisle and Grove Roads. In 1890 at 49, Marina, Hastings and in 1895 also at 1, and 122, Terminus Road, Eastbourne.

“A Century of British Breweries” by Norman Barber:- Young & Rawley Regd September 1890 with capital of £50,000.

Information from “Bygone Eastbourne”:-

“Diplock’s Brewery started at an auspicious period in Eastbourne’s history c.1850 when development of the town was beginning.” [as a dealer? PJH]

info from Graham Holter

Diplock was for some of the time partnered by a Mr. Low. Sold out to Thomas Young and J.J. Rawley in 1885. Rawley retired in 1895 and managing director James Rudd died four years later. Bought in 1914 after the death of chairman John Young by K.T.B. Caleb Diplock died in 1936 aged 95 with a fortune of half a million pounds.

Info in “East Sussex Inns” by Brigid Chapman:-

Re Tally Ho pub “This fine example of brewer’s building has now acquired as much ornamentation outside as it has inside. It was built around the turn of the century and its façade then proudly bore the inscription ‘Frank Boorer, Lion Brewery, Ales and Stout….’


The Lion Steam Brewery was founded by Caleb Diplock & Son at 2, Pevensey Road in about 1865. For several years prior to this Diplock had been a wholesale wine & spirit merchant. The business had an office at 27 Terminus Road and malthouses at the rear of the brewery in Langley Road which today are the Old Malthouse and Leisure Centre.

In 1874 and until 1882 Diplock and son are listed as being joined by Pepler. In about 1885 the business was sold to Messrs Young & Rawley the final owner who formed a limited company in 1890. At various times they had branch offices at Carlisle Road and Grove Road in 1887, 49, Marina Hastings in 1890 and nos 1 and 122 Terminus Road in 1895. They became bankrupt in 1914 and the business was acquired by Abbey & Sons (later the KempTown Brewery of Brighton). The brewery site became the Southdown Bus Depot and most of the brewery buildings can still be identified behind modern shops that front onto Pevensey Road. The name of Diplock is preserved in the "Diplock Hotel" close by.

Sources:- Directories, "A Century of British Breweries" by Norman Barber, and “East Sussex Inns” by Brigid Chapman:-